Here’s what people are saying about the airhealth UV home air sanitizer.

“I just wanted to let you know how much I love your product. I bought 2 at Home Depot in 2003. It’s unbelievable how much mold and bacteria it killed in our house. Everyone needs to have this product in their house.”
-Brian N. – Atlanta, GA  

We purchased your UV light air sanitizing unit about a year ago. The reason for our purchase was due to increasing moisture coming through the concrete slab of our new home during the rainy season. We live in Southern California where it does not rain most of the year. The moisture penetrating our floors has caused mold to grow under all our cabinets and some furniture. We were concerned about air born mold spores so we I installed your UV air sanitizer about a year ago. Our attorney recently had the air quality checked in our home and we were all surperised to find the air free from any mold spores. In fact, the mold inspection company said the air in our home was the cleanest he’s ever found in any home he has tested. My wife keeps are home very clean but I know she can’t clean the air. We both agree that sense we installed your UV air sanitizing unit the air in our home is cleaner. Our attorney and the mold inspector were both surprised and impressed with the results of the 5 individual air quality tests while knowing there is still mold growing in our home. We just thought you would like to hear more positive feed back about this unit.
-Larry McCrory, Temecula, Ca.

airhealth is the first addition to air quality equipment for home use that I can recommend. I worked in an industrial research laboratory for nearly 40-years and I am well aware of the quality of air treatment necessary for safety and health. Allergies to airborne allergens (molds and pollens) have been a health issue in our families for four generations! The primary problems have been congestion and infections of the ears and throat. air health UV has been a significant help in this on-going, everlasting sensitivity to molds for our family. This has been the best equipment tried! The system in our home already had passive electrostatic filters, an electronic (high voltage precipitator), and a charcoal filter. In South Carolina, it is common to have a crawl space instead of a basement. This is what our home has—and it is a real mold trap. This is also where our heating and cooling ducts are located. This makes the air health system the perfect solution to molds in our living space. I have installed 3-units so far and plan at least 3 more for ours and our children’s homes. The quality of air is greatly improved with the air health and penny for penny it is worth every cent.
-Dale A Tompkins, PhD  

“Over the last several months, there has been a great deal of interest in the importance of mold and mildew (fungi) in the homes of individuals with allergies and asthma. The air health system is a method to help kill these organisms in the heating/air conditioning system. I personally have severe mold allergy. I have used the air health ultraviolet air sanitizer myself and have recommended it to my patients who have used it with success.”
D. Duane Houser, M.D., FAAAAI, FCCP
Indiana University Asthma and Allergy Center Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
Division of Pulmonary, Allergy, Critical Care and Occupational Medicine

“The units installed easily. Your ‘package’ is excellent. The inclusion of the hole saw told me that you want the customer to have a good experience and is indicative of a total quality approach to your product. Your quick response was equally impressive. This was a piece of cake. All in all, a very well engineered and packaged product.”
-Russell Cronquist  

“For years I have suffered with allergies requiring daily antihistamines. Even with the medication, breathing through my nose was difficult. We installed the air health air sanitizer at about 10:00 am and I put the fan to our heating and air system in the on position so that it would run constantly. Within six hours of installing the unit my nose was clear and has stayed clear ever since. This product is wonderful.”
Suzanne Smith, Atlanta, Ga.

“The installation was so easy that I have considered installing an additional unit upstream from the “A” coil in the supply plenum. We bought air health because my wife complained about ‘stale’ air in our home. Since we installed air health, she has not had complaints of stale air. The air ‘feels’ better and there have been no colds in the house. I recommended the product to my brother in law and also a friend.”
-Thomas B. Martin, Chicago, IL  

“I have pet allergies and we have two dogs in the house. Since I installed air health, I have experienced less allergies. I also use UV light to purify the water in my fish pond. It is the same process using a larger bulb. The air health installation was simple and I recommended it to my brother in law.”
-Joe Kuzinski, South River, NJ  

“I am very pleased and have installed 3 at my office, 1 at home, and 3 more at my children’s homes.”
-Doug Flair, Topeka, KS  

“I own an air health and am very well pleased. Our home is a 2-story brick approximately 2500 square feet of conditioned area and a two car garage. Both my wife and I tend to have allergies. (Plus, living in the South with much pollen and ragweed) the air health has helped considerably. The unit is very easy to install. I’m 73, all thumbs and I was able to install ours in about 20 minutes. I highly recommend this air purifying system and my wife also highly endorses its usage.”
-Jim Clements, Birmingham, AL