Whole House Air Purifier Solution

The AH-1 Whole House DIY UV Light Air Purifier

The AH-1 is a Do-It-Yourself home air purifier kit. The AH-1 is a home DIY UV light air purifier and allergy air purifier designed to be mounted in the duct work of any forced-air heating and cooling system. The UVC germicidal lamp continuously attacks airborne mold, bacteria, and viruses–like COVID-19 or coronavirus–as they circulate through the duct work of your home. Plus the AH-1 has the added benefit—when mounted over or under the AC coil—of cleaning the AC coil by keeping it clean of organic toxins. This home improvement project will make a difference. It will help protect your most valuable asset, your family’s health.

This whole house air purifier works with your home’s existing duct work to purify air throughout the entire house while cleaning your AC coil. A clean AC coil enables your AC to work more efficiently, which saves on energy costs. The AH-1 works all year round, even when not heating or cooling.Air+Heath uses the energy from a specially designed, high-intensity UV lamp to reduce microorganisms and viruses viruses–like COVID-19 or coronavirus–in the entire home as they cycle through the HVAC system. UV’s effectiveness in killing bacteria is directly related to the microorganism’s exposure time. Indoor air in a typical residential forced-air HVAC system will be recirculated 40-75 times a day. With a UV generating lamp mounted in the HVAC duct, cumulative exposure can be very effective in controlling indoor bacteria and other airborne contaminants. UV rays will also kill germs and mold that breed in drain pans and A-coils. Properly positioned, an Air+Heath system can significantly reduce indoor air contamination and prevent the growth of new microorganisms.

Comfort & Health
• Sterilizes and neutralizes most airborne contaminants
• Helps reduce asthma and allergy irritants
Save on Energy Costs
• Energy efficient, low energy consumption
• Keeps AC coil free from organic toxins
• Enables AC to work more efficiently
• Plugs into a standard 120 Volt outlet
• Compact design to fit in tight spaces
• Built-in twist and lock safety switch
• Easy and simple lamp replacement
• Includes all the parts required for installation
• Does not produce ozone

About Indoor Air Quality

The Facts about
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Allergies, Asthma &
Indoor Air Pollution

How to Choose a
Home Air Purifier

Filtration vs. Sanitizing

Filtration: Filters are designed to trap particulates such as hair and dust. Microorganisms, by definition, are too small to be trapped by most filters and flow through the system undeterred.

Sanitizing: airhealth is installed in the main supply or return duct of any heating and air conditioning system. It emits powerful ultraviolet (UV) light which sterilizes and reduces airborne microorganisms as they pass through the system. It operates continuously to help purify and sanitize the air in your home 24 hours a day.

This product is not sold as a medical device and is not for the purpose of diagnosis of any disease or condition nor for use in the mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.