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Haven Whole House HVAC UV Air Purifier

MSRP: $229.95
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Highlights of the Haven Air Purifier

  • POWERFUL UVC: 16" Ultraviolet, UVC, light (output wavelength of 253.7nm) reduces bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi as the air circulates through the air duct system
  • BREATH EASY: Neutralizes germs, bacteria, and viruses to promote cleaner air.
  • CLEANS: Keeps AC system free of organic toxins
  • COMPACT: Designed to fit in tight spaces
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Installs in as little as 15 minutes to metal or duct board
  • WARRANTY: 10-year limited warranty on the unit and 90 days on the lamp
  • SAFE: Does not produce ozone
  • SAFE: Certified to UL 2998 standard for zero ozone and CARB certified. View Testing and Certification
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    Haven Whole-House In-Duct UV Air Purifier with UV Light Technology

    The Haven Whole-House In-Duct UV Air Purifier (AH-1) helps you breathe easier at home without breaking the bank. Choose the most reliable in-duct whole-house ultraviolet air purifier system that reduces airborne bacteria, viruses, mold and more before they circulate. This advanced uv air purifier not only keeps the air clear for your family’s health and happiness, but it is also energy efficient so you can keep in going for 24/7 coverage. With the included self-install kit any DIYer can install Haven in as little as 15 minutes.

    Ozone has been shown to be dangerous to humans, to a point where California requires testing and certification in order to sell products in the state. The CDC says exposure to Ozone can cause a series of problems for humans. Air Health Haven has been tested and certified to be ozone free.


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    UVC Light

    Cleans the Air of Contaminents

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    No Ozone

    Certified to UL 2998: Air Cleaner Validation for Zero Ozone Emissions

    With Haven whole house uv air purifier installed in your home, you and your family can literally breathe easier, knowing that you will be much healthier and happier with a continuous flow of clean air! This easy to install, and operate machine uses modern UV technology to keep germs out of your home.

    The use of ultraviolet light for air purification has been proven effective in hospitals, schools, daycare centers, restaurants, and hotels. It’s even recommended by doctors! 

    The Haven whole house air purifier is easy to install with the included Do-It-Yourself air purifier kit. Haven is designed to be mounted in the duct work of any forced-air heating and cooling system. The UVC germicidal lamp continuously attacks all undesirable elements as they circulate through the duct work of your home!

    Take the health of you and your loved ones into your own hands! Now more than ever, it is crucial to keep your home's air pure and safe. Purchase an Air Health Whole House UV Air Purifier (AH-1) today! With our 30 day no questions asked money-back guarantee, you can try Haven in your home and if you don't love it, then send it back, no questions asked. 

    Air Health Haven Homeowner Benefits:

    Comfort & Health:

    There are a number of ways that the Air Health Whole House Air Purifier can provide comfort and good  health to your home. For one thing, it sterilizes and neutralizes most airborne contaminants!

    Because of this, it can help to drastically reduce the amount of asthma and allergy irritants that may be making themselves at home in your home. Plus, the Haven (AH-1) can help reduce the chance of getting other airborne illnesses as well!

    Also, the Air Health Whole House Air Purifier does not produce ANY ozone!

    Save on Energy Costs:

    To make things even better, the Air Health Whole House Air Purifier does not break the bank to keep it running! This state of the art machine is energy efficient! The Whole House UV Air Purifier has been engineered to have low energy consumption - saving you money!

    Plus, Haven (AH-1) can keep your AC completely free of any organic toxins, which in turn makes it able to run more efficiently! Because of this, your AC doesn't need to work as hard to keep you cool, using less power and saving you money!


      • Plugs into a standard 120 Volt outlet
      • Compact design to fit in tight spaces
      • Built-in twist and lock safety switch
      • Easy and simple lamp replacement
      • Includes all the parts required for installation
    Sizing (tons):
    1.5 to 5.0
    Minimum Duct Width (inches):
    Lamp Intensity (μW/cm²@1m):
    Lamp Intensity (μW/cm²@1in):
    Lamp Intensity (μW/cm²@0in):
    Lamp Life Efficiency:
    1 year
    Tested and Approved:
    Certified to UL 2998 standard for zero ozone and CARB certified
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    Haven Whole House HVAC UV Air Purifier

    MSRP: $229.95
    You save $40.00
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