How to Size a Whole House Fan, Calculator for Fan Size

Air+Health can help you figure out which whole house fan is right for you. Don’t guess or get overwhelmed. Use our easy whole house fan calculator to get started saving on your cooling costs. Choose between either the Cascade series, which is a high performance and efficient series or the Everest series which is a high performance and even higher efficiency series to save you money over time. 

How to Size a Whole House Fan

When you browse the whole house fan selection at Air+Health, you’ll see an assortment of specifications that may seem confusing. Between the wattage, CFMs, grille dimensions and more, it can start to look like you need a building contractor to determine how to size a whole house fan for your needs. Use our easy and fast Whole House Fan Size Calculator to simplify the process. Just enter your home’s square footage and ceiling height, and you’ll instantly see the range of CFMs that are appropriate for the space.



Your Whole House Fan Airflow CFM

For RAPID Cooling

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Choose either Effective or Rapid ventilation cooling to determine Whole House Fan top speed capacity. Then match your results to the corresponding Air+Health model below.


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Cascade Series Logo
Fan CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) Model
Up to 2369 CA-2
Up to 3339 CA-3
Up to 4590 CA-4
Up tp 5902 CA-5
Up to 5951 CA-6.5
Fan CFM(Cubic Feet per Minute) Model
Up to 2576 EV-2
Up to 2740 EV-3
Up to 4522 EV-4
Up tp 5224 EV-5
Up to 6056 EV-6.5
Everest Series Logo

Why CFMs Matter

CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. This number indicates the amount of air a fan can move through a room when it’s operating at its top speed. The larger a space is, the higher the fan’s CFM must be to cool it with any level of effectiveness. If the CFM is too low, the fan will not be able to deliver energy efficiency and the room will feel too warm. For example, look at how to size a whole house fan for an average 1,620-square-foot home with 10-foot ceilings: The whole fan size calculator indicates a minimum 4,050 CFMs for effective cooling and 5,062 CFMs for rapid cooling. That means a Cascade Series 5 will work faster than an Everest Series 4, but either will work in your home.

Breathe Easier with Air+Health

We’re on a mission to clear the air in your home. From portable air purifiers that eliminate pathogens with UV technology to whole house fans that help save on cooling costs, we’re your partner in helping your whole family breathe easier. If you still have questions on how to size a whole house fan, contact us for knowledgeable assistance.

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