Why We Designed Skye

Read the story behind the design our ultimate portable air purifier

SKYE was designed in order to help regular, everyday, normal consumers like you get the cleanest, most healthy air possible in your home. We believe that everyone deserves to have their home be the healthy sanctuary it should be. In order to do this, SKYE technology was designed by two North Carolina turbine engineers (before COVID ever hit), using the most advanced UV-C germicidal light bulbs and HEPA filters with the goal of making the best air purifier on the market.

The Design Process

Air+Health uses a special design process to bring you all of its top of the line air purification and cooling products, including SKYE. Air+Health was meticulous in every detail of bringing SKYE from an idea to reality in order to give consumers the best possible product on the market for air purification. That said, here is a little bit of insight into the process that was involved in bringing you SKYE:

Step 1: Research

Before we could start development of our SKYE air purification systems, we felt we needed to do the proper research into a number of things in order to make sure that our designs would be as air tight and boundary breaking. Some of the areas we did extra research into include:

  • Various contaminants in the home that can cause health problems

  • UV as a means to kill germs and neutralize dangerous contaminants

  • Efficient possible designs

  • HEPA filters

  • Ways to improve upon what others have done for air purification in the past

  • Ways to use as little electricity as possible while still delivering potent results
SKYE Purifier
Air+Health SKYE Air Purifier 

Step 2: Sorting Out Ideas

Once we have done a thorough job of researching all necessary parts of making the best air purification system, we begin to sort through the ideas we have come up with. We work through which would work best together and thus begin devising a way to put them all into a single air purifier design. Only the best ones make the cut, as we want to make sure that nothing less than perfect goes into taking care of your home's air purification needs.

Step 3: Designing

From there, we go into the process of making the initial designs for the SKYE air purification system. Using the research we have done and the ideas we have generated from doing so, we come up with a design that takes all of those things into consideration. Often times we will make more than one, so that we can decide which might be the best to work with or which might be best if combined.

Step 4: Refining the Design

After we have come up with designs that are up to snuff, we go about refining them into a single design that more accurately resembles what we are aiming to create for our customers. Part of this process includes making the design appear more modern, as many air purification systems look like outdated plain white boxes. We want ours to look more unique and appealing to the eye. Because of this, aesthetic is important to us in addition to functionality. 

Step 5: Making the Prototypes & Mock-ups

After we come up with a design that we feel meets all of our high standards and criteria, we begin to work on making mock-ups and prototypes of it in order to make sure that the design is ready to go. From there, we tweak any remaining loose ends until we have a design and a model that is ready to be marketed and sold to the public.

The Technology of SKYE

SKYE uses three different kinds of filters to purify your air, including a HEPA filter (high efficiency particulate air), nanosilver, and carbon. When working together, these three filters clean your home's air better than any other air purification system on the market!

Additionally, SKYE uses PCO, or Photocatalytic Oxidation, which incorporate photon and UV energy to activate a catalyst that destroys gasses (Volatile Organic Compounds/VOCs). Basically, light energy quick-starts the process of turning pollution causing molecules into more harmless substances. In turn, this makes your air much cleaner, easier to breathe, and makes your home a healthier place to be.

What truly sets SKYE apart from the rest of the competition however, is its use of UVC technology. Basically, it is technology that emits powerful Ultra-Violet Band light rays, that sterilize and cut down on any airborne microorganisms as they go through whatever room you have your unit running in.

That said, though SKYE runs continuously, its fan is both energy efficient AND quiet! You will not have to worry about something noisy that will in turn heavily run up your power bill!

Features of SKYE

SKYE offers a number of unique and outstanding features to any homeowner looking to clean the air they breathe! Not only is it one of the best working machines on the market, but it also features:

  • Smart mode – air quality sensors allow you to set-it and forget-it, or nerd out on tracking your air quality

  • Wi-Fi connected – monitor and control your SKYE from anywhere

  • Unique control and indoor air quality indicator - Allows you to constantly monitor your air's quality and make any adjustments you need to with ease!
SKYE Purifier Closeup
Air+Health SKYE Air Purifier
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