Haven Air Purifier DIY Installation Instructions

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If you are a Do-It-Yourself type of person, then installing an Air+Health DIY UV light air purifier is your type of home improvement project. Installation is simple and easy. You can do it yourself in about 20 minutes. No additional parts required. All the parts you need to install the unit are included in the box. The only tools required are a power drill, a 1/8-in. and a ½-in. drill bit, a screwdriver, and alcohol wipes.

Air Health Haven Whole House Air Purifier Installation

Items included:

1 – Air Health Haven (AH-1) Power Unit
1 – Mounting Base
1 – Ultraviolet Bulb
4 – Sheet Metal Mounting Screws
1 – Instruction Manual
1 – Installation Template
1 – Fiberglass Duct Board Mounting Bracket
1 – 1-1/2 Hole Saw
1 – Pair of Safety Glasses

The Air+Health AH-1 air purifier unit is designed to emit powerful UVC Band light rays, which sterilize and reduce airborne microorganisms as they pass through a heating or air conditioning system. It is installed in the main supply or return duct and operates continuously to automatically purify the air in the home 24 hours a day. It is for indoor installation only.

Pre-Installation Prep

Before installing the unit, you need to identify the type of heating and cooling system in your home. This will help you determine where your air handler is located. Click System Identification to determine your type of system.

Once you have determined the type of system you have and where your air handler is located, you need to choose the best location to install the unit. Click Installation Location to determine the best and optional locations to install the unit.

Easy 15 Minute Installation:

1. Attach mounted template to duct and drill holes in duct. The hole saw is included.
2. Mount the unit base to the duct using the provided screws.
3. Wipe the bulb an alcohol wipe to remove finger prints and insert it into the unit, then twist and lock.
4. Plug the unit into a standard 120V outlet.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Air+Health Portable Room Allergy Air Purifier Filter & Lamp Replacement

Filter Replacement

    1. Unplug the unit
    2. Lay Unit
    3. Unscrew the bottom cover
    4. Remove plastic bag from replacement filter
    5. Install replacement filter, ensure filter is fully inserted
    6. Secure filter on the bottom cover

Lamp Replacement

    1. Unplug the unit
    2. Lay unit
    3. Unscrew the bottom cover
    4. Remove the lamp by holding the lamp base, not the glass
    5. Remove the replacement lamp from its packaging
    6. Insert replacement lamp into unit
    7. Secure filter on the bottom cover

These products are not sold as medical devices and are not for the purpose of diagnosis of any disease or condition nor for use in the mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease or condition.

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