Skye Portable Air Purifier

Skye Portable Air Purifier

Premium in every aspect, featuring an exceptional 5-stage air purification system with unmatched performance and smart capabilities
Wildfire Air Purifier

Shield Yourself from Wildfire Smoke

Trust the Skye Portable Air Purifier to create a sanctuary of fresh air amidst wildfire outbreaks
5 Stage Portable UV Air Purifier
Smart Air Purifier

Smartest Air Purifier

Skye is Wifi enabled allowing you to control it with the Skye app or with your favorite smart devices
Smart Air Purifier

Haven Plus HVAC Air Purifier

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At Air Health, we are experts in air purification and we refuse to take shortcuts when it comes to your health

Stop worrying about the healthiness of the air in your home. As a Women Owned Busines with 95 years of experience, we are experts in air purification offering top-of-the-line HVAC and portable air purifiers featuring advanced air cleaning technology.
We promise to provide you, your family, and your home with the cleanest, freshest air by utilizing the
most advanced technologies to reduce over 99% of contaminants.
Take control and choose Air Health.

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