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16" Replacement UVC Lamp (Haven & Haven+Plus)

  • POWERFUL UVC: UVC light reduces bacteria, viruses, mold, & fungi 
  • COMPATIBILITY: Replacement for Haven (AH-1) Induct Air Purifier and Haven Plus (AH-2) Induct Air Purifier
  • WARRANTY: 90 day warranty
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16-Inch Replacement UV Bulb for Haven and Haven Plus Whole-House Air Purifiers

Replacement UV bulbs are key to maintaining your home’s air clean with a Haven or Haven Plus Whole-House Air Purifier (also known as AH-1). Once every 12 months, a new ultraviolet bulb replacement is necessary to keep reducing airborne pathogens, like viruses and mold. Keep a 16-inch UVC replacement bulb on hand for when that LED indicator turns red.

The Air Health Haven and HavenPlus (AH-1) is a revolutionary air purifying machine. Using UV light to help filter unpleasant contaminants out of air, it can get rid of over 99% of things that could make breathing more difficult. However, it is important to perform proper maintenance from time to time in order to keep things working properly. One such form of maintenance is replacing the lamp. This is where the Air+Health AH-RL 16" UVC Replacement Lamp comes into play.

The Air Health 16" UVC replacement lamp is a special Ultraviolet Germicidal UV lightbulb with 254nm wavelength in UV that lasts up to 12,000 hours. It is a key part of what helps your Air+Health Whole House Air Purifiers keep the air in your home pure.

How Often Should I Replace the UVC Replacement Lamp?

Every 12 months, you should replace your bulb/lamp in your whole house air purifier. If you do not, your purifier will be less effective at removing airborne germs in your home. Eventually, the UVC light becomes less effective.

Remember to have extra UVC lamps on hand, or joining our subscription service and we will send you UV lamps right to your doorstep when they are ready to be replaced.

Air+Health 16-inch UVC replacement lamps fit all Air+Health in duct air purifiers. Refer to the owner's manual for when to replace lamps.

Base Type:
T5F (4 pins on one end, 1 pin is longer than the other 3 pins)
UV Power:
254nm wavelength
Bulb Type:
Ultraviolet Germicidal UV
Approx 16"
Effective Hours Rating:
12,000 hrs
90 days
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16" Replacement UVC Lamp (Haven & Haven+Plus)


16" Replacement UVC Lamp (Haven & Haven+Plus)

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