Do Air Purifiers Help with Mold? - Facts and Myths

Posted by Air Health on Jul 01, 2021

Finding mold in your home can be a shock. Besides being unsightly, mold growth is linked to both lower home resale value and higher risk of respiratory disease.

Air Purifier for Mold

You’ve likely received lots of questions, like:

  • Why is mold in my house bad?
  • Do air purifiers help with mold removal?
  • What’s the difference between mold and mold spores?
  • What kind of air purifier for mold works best?

The pros at Air Health are here to help with tips on clearing your home’s air of fungus and other nasty visitors.

Why Is Mold in Your House Bad?

Aside from a few types of cheese, mold has no place in a healthy home. You may have heard scary media reports about black mold specifically, but any color mold on your home’s walls, ceilings, cupboards or other surfaces can cause health problems for your family. Also known as fungus, mold is a multicellular organism that requires water to grow. When you or a family member touches or breathes in mold spores — tiny, lightweight particles that float through the air and reproduce mold wherever they land — allergic reactions like sneezing, runny nose, itchy eyes and skin rashes often occur. Mold can also be a trigger for asthma symptoms or make those symptoms worse.

How Can an Air Purifier Help with Mold?

Mold is just one of many contaminants that affect air quality inside your home. An air purifier’s job is to help your family breathe easier by keeping as many of those bad guys from circulating through your home’s air as possible. Air Health air purifiers bring the most advanced technology to the fight for fresher, healthier air in the spaces where you live, work and play. Ultraviolet light has been proven effective at neutralizing and eliminating a host of airborne pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and mold, which is why many hospitals utilize UVC for disinfecting surgery rooms and their in-duct air ventilation. Mounting an in-duct whole-house air purifier near your home’s air conditioner coil can keep the coil free of mold and other toxic organic substances for easier breathing everyone can enjoy.

Will Air Purifiers Help with Mold Spores?

Because mold spores are the way fungus reproduces, it’s vital to keep them at bay. And the only way to do that is to manage the moisture and purity of your home’s air. Air conditioners generally dehumidify to some degree but keeping them cranked 24/7 can get costly very quickly. Adding a whole-house fan can make controlling your home’s climate more efficient by capitalizing on Free Cooling. But the best way to be sure you’re eliminating the culprit is with an air purifier with a  HEPA filter for mold zapping at the source before it can infiltrate your family’s happy place.

Best Air Purifier for Mold

What Kind of Air Purifier Is Right for My Home?

When it comes to helping your entire family breathe easier, you’ve got choices. Air+Health offers a variety of solutions for fresh, pure air at home, in the office or anywhere you go. Choose a  whole-house in-duct air purifier for peace of mind to clean the air throughout your home’s ventilation system. These units are easy to install, energy efficient and low maintenance. Or you may opt for the versatile SKYE Portable Air Purifier to take a better breath virtually anywhere. No matter which air purifier fits your budget and lifestyle, you’ll be happy you cleared the air for safer, healthier inhaling.

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