How to Replace the HavenPro UVC Lamp


Unplug the power cord before starting replacement procedure.

Note: Wear disposable, non-absorbent protective gloves prior to replacement procedure in case of accidental breakage of glass.

1. Unplug the quick disconnect power cord from the HavenPro.

2. Remove the (2) Phillips head screws on the left and right hand side of the front electrical cover and remove the cover.

3. Remove 4 mounting screws.

4. Remove the HavenPro body by sliding out of the duct mounting plate.

5. Loosen the brass knurl nut on the clamp at the rear of the lamp.

6. Unplug the lamp electrical connector from the end of the lamp and gently slide the lamp out the front of the HavenPro housing.

7. Use a cotton cloth with isopropyl alcohol and gently clean the surface of the new lamp.

8. Replace the HavenPro back into the duct mounting plate and tighten the mounting screws.

9. Replace the front electrical cover and plug the quick connect power cord back into the unit mounting screws.

Note: If blue light leaks through any portion of plenum and/or around mounting plate, unplug power supply cord immediately and seal affected areas and/or rotate ballast.

Note: UV lamps contain a small amount of mercury, like a typical fluorescent lamp. Check with your local waste management authority for local disposal or recycling requirements. According to the EPA's Universal Waste Rule, these types of lamps may be disposed of into household waste.


Never touch broken lamp or internal contents of lamp. The lamp contains mercury.

Note: In case of accidental exposure to internal contents of lamp, wash hands and any other affected skin area with mild detergent. Remove affected clothing immediately. If skin surface is pierced, seek medical attention immediately.

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