How to Replace the UV Lamp in SKYE Air Purifiers

A SKYE Portable Air Purifier helps you breathe easier. Help it do its job by giving it a little twice-yearly maintenance. Replace your air purifier’s filter every six months — when the LED indicator glows red — and replace the UV lamp every year.

Here’s your step-by-step guide from the pros at Air+Health on when and how to replace UV lamps in SKYE portable purifiers.

 How Often to Replace the SKYE UV Lamp 

Choosing SKYE to make your home or workspace healthier was a smart move. This beauty arrives Wi-Fi connected to the Air+Health mobile app, so you can monitor your home’s air from anywhere. It’s also set up to automatically connect to your Amazon Alexa or Google Home. 

SKYE even alerts you when it needs maintenance. The LED indicator on the control panel lights up red every six months or so, letting you know to replace SKYE’s HEPA filter. You should replace the UV lamp after about a year of use, which is every other time you replace the filter. 

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How to Replace UV Lamps in SKYE Air Purifiers 

You’re just a few simple steps away from successfully installing an Air+Health UV home air sanitizer replacement lamp. First, make sure you’re safe:


 Unplug the power cord before starting replacement procedure.

Safety Note: Wear disposable, non-absorbent protective gloves during entire replacement procedure to protect from serious injury in case of accidentally breaking the glass.

      1. When it's time to replace your SKYE UV lamp, start by unplugging your air purifier.
      2. Lay the air purifier on its side and unscrew the filter cover a quarter turn counterclockwise. Then remove the filter cover from SKYE so that you can access the air filter.
      3. Remove the air filter. You may want to vacuum any dust that remains on the inside of the unit.
      4. Reach inside the unit, grasp the base of the UV lamp and gently but firmly pull it out.
      5. Insert the replacement UV lamp by gently but firmly pushing the UV lamp base into place.
      6. Replace the filter.
      7. Replace the filter cover and turn it clockwise a quarter turn to lock it in place.
      8. Stand up SKYE and plug it back in. Super easy, right?


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