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When you need multiple air purifiers for office, government or school entity, simply add to your cart, choose the desired units and we will automatically provide the following discounts.*

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Portable Air Purifiers

  • Buy 3 - 2% off
  • Buy 5 - 3% off
  • Buy 10 - 5% off
  • Buy 15 - 7% off
  • Buy 20 - 10% off
  • More than 20, call for special pricing

In Duct and Fans

  • Buy 3 - Get 10% off
  • Buy 5 - Get 11% off
  • Buy 10 - Get 12% off
  • Buy 15 - Get 13% off
  • Buy 20 or more - Get 15% off

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Many offices have placed a new emphasis on workplace health and safety in a post-pandemic world. One of the ways to improve an office environment is adding air purifiers. They’re affordable upfront and pay for themselves in air-quality improvements. But, why might you need air purifiers for your business, office, school or government entity, see reasons why companies invest in the air of their space.

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