Prevent Cold & Flu With an Air Purifier | Air Health

Posted by Air Health on Dec 14, 2021

Why You Need an Air Purifier During Cold and Flu Season You know it's coming. During winter, colds and flu are passed around like unwanted gifts. If you're determined to stay healthy this cold and flu season, you might want to start by improving the air quality in your home or office with an air purifier.  You may doubt an air purifier can …

Where to Place Your Portable Air Purifier | Air Health

Posted by Air Health on Nov 12, 2021

Portable air purifiers offer a flexible way to rid your home of dust, airborne allergens, odors and even germs. But where should you place an air purifier in your home?The answer: as close to the source of the allergen or contaminant as possible. If you have a smoker in the house, for example, you'll want the air purifier as close as possible to where they typically smoke. …

Best Air Filter for Allergies: In-Duct vs. Portable

Posted by Air+Health on Jul 01, 2021

Allergies are the worst. From itchy eyes to a runny nose to coughing and sneezing up a storm, allergies disrupt everyday activities and make it difficult to focus on anything else.Your home should be a safe haven from pollutants and irritants, but even the cleanest home can harbor allergens in the ducts or ventilation system.How can you keep your family safe from allergen …

Skye Portable Air Purifier Test Process and Results

Posted by Air Health on Jul 01, 2021

Take a peek inside the road to better breathing. Air+Health put all its collective experience and expertise to the ultimate air purifier test in a quest to clear the air for everyone. The Uninvited Guests in Your Home Your home is your happy place. It’s also the last place you expect to find serious dangers to your family’s health. But the truth is that the air …
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