How Air Purifiers Help Keep Schools Safe | Air Health

Posted by Air Health on Oct 14, 2022

While it may not have been a concern five years ago, air quality in schools has become an important issue. After all, COVID-19, flu and colds spreads via aerosol droplets indoors, and the longer a person is exposed to those droplets, the greater the risk of infection. What’s more, virus and other germs particles can float up to 60 feet, especially during talking, singin …

What are the Benefits of an Air Purifier?

Posted by Air Health on Sep 26, 2022

What are the Health Benefits of an Air Purifier? Still trying to decide whether to get an air purifier? You may already know that air purifiers are designed to improve indoor air quality. What you may not know is that the health and wellness benefits go beyond just being able to breathe easier. Air pollution has been linked to many adverse health conditi …

Why You Should be Using Air Purifiers in New Construction

Posted by Air Health on Aug 31, 2022

In both new construction and renovation, things can get messy — and we’re not just talking about the floor. Whenyou’re sawing wood, cutting plaster or spraying paint, harmful particulates are released into the air on a large scale. And the closer a project gets to completion, the harder it is to properly ventilate the space. A construction site air purifier is a must for c …

History of Air Purifier and HEPA Technology Standard

Posted by Air Health on Aug 23, 2022

The History of Air Purifiers and HEPA Filtration For decades, HEPA filters have been the leading solution for filtering dust, pollen, viruses, germs and much more from the surrounding air. The story of the HEPA filter — which stands for “high-efficiency particulate air” filter — is just as fascinating as how they work. While air purifier history dates back to 1848, when …

Calculate Room Size for Your Air Purifier | Air Health

Posted by Air Health on Jul 08, 2022

If you’re ready to purchase a portable air purifier for an area of your home, it’s important to consider room size. This means you must not only know how to calculate square footage for an air purifier, but also learn some of the terms manufacturers use in their product information. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right air purifier for your room size.What Size …
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